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Membership in the Cincinnati Insurance Board will keep the insurance professional on top of important, ever-changing issues, trends and legislation within their industry. It also gives you a positive image in the eyes of the public. Another advantage of membership is the networking and camaraderie that takes place among members. By voluntarily adhering to the CIB Code of Ethics, the public will have confidence in dealing with members of the Cincinnati Insurance Board. The CIB offers programs and services that generally do not duplicate those offered by state and national associations. We focus on those programs and services that can be better provided at the local level than at the state or national level. We work with state and national associations to promote our members and the insurance industry in Greater Cincinnati area. Click here to see the CIB's Branding Guide

Here are a few of the reason to belong:

    • Recognition of belonging to a professional organization
    • Networking with others in the industrty
    • Opportunity to preside in a leadership role in the association
    • Advocate for the Insurance industry
    • Monitor legislative activity
    • Resource center

Works with other Insurance Organizations

    • Ohio Insurance Institute
    • Ohio Insurance Agents Association
    • Cincinnati CPCU Society
    • Departments of Insurance

Participate in Community/Industry Events

    • Information
    • Recognition
    • Company/Industry Person of the Year
    • Excellence in Leadership
    • Good Works and community service

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In accordance with the basic purposes for which the Greater Cincinnati Insurance Board (CIB) was formed to inspire and instill confidence and integrity in the members of the corporation, to promote friendship and fellowship among such members. The Greater Cincinnati Insurance Board is charged with the responsibility of directing a unified effort towards professionalism on the part of the CIB members and their employees. Section 2 (A) of the Constitution and By-laws of the Cincinnati Insurance Board states “The purposes for which the corporation is formed are:

    • To develop and work with others to establish,
    • maintain and encourage professionalism and sound ethical practices in the transaction of insurance business,
    • to assist in efforts directed toward safety and the reduction of other risks covered by insurance,
    • to promote the public image of the insurance industry,
    • to endeavor to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct for the insurance business, including adherence to the Code of Ethics of the Cincinnati Insurance Board,
    • to provide education and other services for the benefit of its members.”

The basic objective of the Code of Ethics is to serve the public interest, not only by specifying and enforcing the minimum ethical conduct rightfully expected of CIB members, as professionals, but also by facilitating voluntary compliance with standards considerably higher than the required minimums.

The Greater Cincinnati Insurance Board (CIB) members have certain obligations to one another, to the insurance industry, and to the communities in which business is conducted. 

Read the Complete Code of Ethics

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