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Winter storms caused nearly $6 billion in insured losses in 2022, the second-highest year on record for winter storm insured losses in the last ten years, according to Aon. The third costliest winter event since 1950 occurred in December 2022, amounting to $3.5 billion insured losses. Winter storms ...

I recently had a neighbor who couldn’t turn off the radio in his car. When he turned the ignition off, the radio continued to play until it drained the battery. Turns out it was a faulty circuit board and it took 4 months to get a new one.

This past weekend I was reading about how auto repairs invo...

As I have expressed on many occasions, I believe the myth that insurance is a commodity differentiated only by price is the greatest misconception perpetrated on the public. Sadly, most of the misconception comes from our own industry in the form of price-focus...

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