For the Insurance Industry, the Future is Now

Posted on: November 3, 2015
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Supporting our industry’s future

It’s no secret that the insurance industry is facing a major talent gap. In fact, 25% of current insurance professionals are set to retire by 2018, leaving many open positions. The industry is also facing a major perception problem, as many believe all insurance jobs are related to sales.

The need to support the future of our industry was one of the hottest topics at this year’s seminar. Both Cheryl Hay, deputy chancellor of Higher Education-Workforce Alignment for the Ohio Department of Higher Education (@OhioHigherEd), and Brent Maurer, vice president of Paul Werth Associates (@WerthAssociates) spoke on this topic.

Hay said Ohio supports the future of the insurance industry through provisions of the state budget by:

In addition, the presenters touched on the need to attract existing talent. Key takeaways include:

Importance of succession planning

With the talent gap at the industry’s forefront, the Fall Seminar succession planning panel addressed the importance of having a plan in place before leadership begins to retire.

Important discussion points included:

  • Keys to a successful succession plan include preparation and its execution by management
  • The need for companies to assist insurance agencies with succession planning
  • The importance of communicating the plan to potential successors within the company
  • Company need to develop employee management training and leadership programs with an eye for future leadership development
  • Succession plans need to be transparent

Drone usage

It’s expected that as many as one million drones could be sold during the 2015 Holiday Season. The uses of drones range from photographing aerial views to law enforcement.

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (@NAMIC)’s Jimi Grande, senior vice president of federal and political affairs, shared the following current practical uses for drones:

  • Collection of low-altitude measurements of greenhouse gases
  • Emergency supply deliveries
  • Search and rescue missions

Grande talked about the future of drone use in the insurance industry, pending approval for commercial use. He noted some of the many industry-related uses, including underwriting-related capabilities and damage assessment for claims.

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