12 Creative Uses for TIKE Emergency Safety Stickers

Posted on: December 20, 2016
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Since starting this program over 13 years ago, the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) has distributed close to three quarters of a million TIKE emergency info car seat stickers. We’ve focused our efforts on families, safety groups, pediatricians, hospitals, adoption agencies, law enforcement, fire departments, emergency responders, health agencies, insurance companies and agencies, businesses, schools and countless others who share our common interest in child safety.

TIKE is a child safety seat sticker (Toddler Information Kept for Emergency) that provides identifying information to emergency personnel should an accident disable the adults riding in the vehicle. The bright, neon green sticker is placed on a child’s car or booster seat, and includes an emergency contact and the child’s medical information. TIKE stickers are available in English and Spanish/English. We provide these free of charge, and we will send them anywhere in the US thanks to the generosity and commitment of our members: Insurance companies that provide home, business and auto insurance in Ohio and around the country. Over the years, our stickers have found their way to families and organizations in most, if not all, 50 states.

The feedback we receive on our program keeps us going. Families have sent us emails, sharing their stories on how these stickers have helped in life-threatening situations. TIKE families and friends have also shared how they are using them. We’ve been so inspired by these responses that we decided to share some of their creative uses with the rest of our readers.

Below are a dozen uses for TIKE stickers that we’ve received from our program supporters. And remember, these ideas are just a starting point. We’d like to hear from you, so send us a request for stickers along with your name and mailing address. Include ideas (or post them below) on uses for TIKE stickers, so we can share them in our next installment just before Mother’s Day, May 14.

You may just end up saving a child’s life, which is what the TIKE sticker program is all about.

12 uses for TIKE child safety sticker

  • Share them at a baby shower.
  • Include them as stocking stuffers or provide them at a family gathering.
  • Distribute them at your next mom’s support group meeting.
  • Drop them off at your local elementary or preschool.
  • Give them to your daycare or after-school care program providers.
  • Take a stack to your local library.
  • Provide them in new employee welcome packets, in break rooms and workplace cafeterias.
  • Share them with your pediatrician, allergist and other child specialists.
  • Supply them to families at your next church function or get together.
  • Hand them out at upcoming community events and fundraisers.
  • Drop them off at local community health and child advocate agencies.
  • Offer them to special needs support groups.

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