Regular Membership

Any insurance agency, insurance agent, insurance company or insurance company employee, that maintains a valid insurance producers license or a company license as required by law and is authorized to act and is acting in the defined territory of the CIB shall be eligible to apply for Regular membership in the Cincinnati Insurance Board. Those producers listed and paid for are entitled to CIB interactive online CE at no cost and other member discounts.   Benefits Flyer & App-Agency     Benefits Flyer & App-Company

Regular – Insurance Agent/Agency - Cost: $150 per agent, minimum per agency $300.
Regular - Insurance Company - Cost: $250 to

CIB Agent/Agency Member Dues
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CIB Insurance Company Member Dues

Affiliate Membership

Any other organization other than those defined as a Regular Member above that provides services to the insurance industry and adheres to our professional standards shall be eligible to apply for Affiliate membership in the Cincinnati Insurance Board.  Benefits Flyer & App-Affiliate

Affiliate - Non insurance organization Dues - Cost: $250.00

CIB Affilate MembershipDues
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