Resume Exchange

Individual Resume Exchange and Post

There are two ways to make your resume available to the members of the Cincinnati Insurance Board.

1.  Resume Exchange Service (Confidential)
This is a confidential informal resume exchange program.  Individuals seeking employment in the insurance industry are encouraged to send their resumes to the CIB. When a member organization is looking to fill a position, they can call the CIB and we will give them copies of your resume. The board does not screen these resume's or try to match the person to the appropriate positions, it simply sends copies of  resume to a member upon request.  This service is free to individuals looking for employment. These resume's will not be posted on the Internet.  You can send or fax your resume to us. Our fax number is 513-533-1281.

2. Internet Resume Post
Individuals seeking employment in the insurance industry can e-mail their resume to us. We will then post your resume in the Members Only (password protected) section of our Internet site, If you would prefer not to post your resume on the Internet but would still like to make it available to our members, you can use the confidential service. E-mail address:



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